Voices and Visions summer sessions return

Our first week of the summer Voices and Visions sessions has come and gone with the suddenness of a summer storm. We were happy to be reunited with a lot of our old friends from IMG_1352last summer, and we were also pleased to meet so many new friends. We invited some new faces to help the project along and greeted about 20 new students out of 30 or so participants.

A lot of the first week was filled with the excitement – and anxiety – of meeting new people. We also spent some time laying the intellectual foundations for the program. Along the way, we found some things out about where everyone is coming from and spent a little time with the cameras that play such a central role in our program.

We began our exploration of the Woodlawn community through Photovoice, a method of exploring the environment around you using still photography and documentation. We have taken nearly 1,000 photos and will review them this coming week. Some groups documented DSC_0648modes of transportation in the neighborhood. Others looked at recreation and play. Still others were given the broad task of documenting assets and challenges. Everyone did exemplary work.IMG_0674

In the coming week, we will begin video and editing work with the Voices and Visions School Project, which will be collection of footage for a student-directed peer-interview documentary.  We are excited to see how the crew takes to the new and returning elements of the program – and we are excited to share our experiences with you.



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